VANISHING POINT Photography Exhibition by Laura Igoveņa and Ģirts Reiniks

Young artists Laura Igoveņa’s and Ģirts Reiniks’ 'Vanishing Point' Photography Exhibition will open as part of the Riga Photomonth 2016 Festival at 6pm on Friday, 27th May, at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art’s Office Gallery.

The places and images in the photographs by Laura Igoveņa and Ģirts Reiniks are unrecognizable and are not connected with any particular time. The thematic field of the photographs encompasses forest nooks, strips of sky, lonely beaches and anonymous people, though the authors don’t previously define the narrative. The story arises from separate, mutually unconnected images, and the impression is reminiscent of a dream. The photographs by both authors are unified by the desire to avoid a direct reflection of the everyday, to depart from the usual course of time to create a private magical space. The photographs aren’t staged – the abstraction of the image is achieved using analogue cameras.  

“The term vanishing point, which is the name of the exhibition corresponds with the creative activities of Laura Igoveņa and Ģirts Reinik [working photographers and also spouses], which like vectors, viewed in perspective, interface with imaginary skylines. It is their observation which allows them to merge, creating the impression of simulated escape – an ideological alienation from real time and space” is how art historian Elīna Sproģe, the curator, comments on the exhibition.

Laura Igoveņa (1991) completed her studies at the Janis Rozentāls Rīga Art High School and graduates this year from the Art Academy of Latvia’s Department of Painting’s Bachelor programme, whereas Ģirts Reiniks (1987) graduated from the University of Latvia, works in the graphic design field and is involved in music production on the RIOT electronic music platform.    

Riga Photomonth is an international photography festival which presents the latest in Northern and Eastern European photography. The Second Riga Photomonth is taking place from 2nd May to 16th June 2016, with ten exhibitions and more than twenty events with the unifying theme of Territories, Borders and Check-Points. The full programme for the festival is available at: The Vanishing Point Exhibition can be viewed until 22nd June.

Supported by: the Rīga City Council and the State Culture Capital Foundation.

The LCCA Office Gallery is open on working days from 12 midday till 6pm; entry to exhibitions is free. Address: Alberta Street 13 (7th Floor), Rīga, LV-1010.

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