The “Zuu-zaa ti-ti-ti” concert dedicated to NSRD

The concert “Zuu-zaa ti-ti-ti,” which is devoted to celebrating the group NSRD, will take place on Friday, 27 February at 7 PM at Riga’s St Saviour’s Anglican Church (Pils Street 11) in the framework of the Year of Hardijs Lediņš. The songs of multi-media artist Hardijs Lediņš and the experimental art and music group NSRD will be played accompanied by the group Nebijušā restauratori (Unprecented Restaurators), along with Roberts Gobziņš together with the grup Resnie putni. The music will be accompanied by a video from artist Ineta Sipunova.


“Eyes wide-open the entire day/ and closed the whole night through/the sun has leaped, and you dance/you dance until the sun howls/and at night you can rest/only if there’s no full moon.”

J. Boiko

This year marks 33 years since the founding of the group NSRD, which is why the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) and contemporaries of Hardijs Lediņš invite you to remember and immerse yourselves in the mood of the 1980s with NSRD’s greatest hits at the concert Zuu-zaa ti-ti-ti which will take place at Riga’s St. Saviour’s Anglican Church. NSRD existed from 1982 until 1989. Their first concert was in 1982 at the October Culture House, coming out onto the stage through a closet. In 1989 the group was reorganized into the Aptuvenās mākslas aģentūra (Approximate Art Agency).

The place of choice for the concert is no coincidence – together with like-minded contemporaries from 1974 to 1977, Hardijs Lediņš would organize discos and underground avant-garde music festivals at the Anglican Church (which at the time was premises of the Students’ Club of the Riga Polytechnical Institute), where they would play which at the time was forbidden experimental music, as well as sacral music, and in which the works of important composers of the Soviet period were also played, among them the work of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

In striving once again to tear down the borders between art and the everyday, the Zuu-zaa ti-ti-ti concert will feature NSRD’s compositions and states of mind that will be interpreted and performed by the group Nebijušā restauratori (Unprecedented Restorators), which was put together by a former NSRD member Inguna Rubene (née Černova), as well as musicians Nils Īle, Einārs Latiševs, Jānis Pelše, and Andrejs Grimms. Roberts Gobziņš, who took part in NSRD’s actions and performances, together with his group Resnie Putni will perform a newly-made concert program called Hardijs Lediņš’s Waltzes and Polkas, accentuating NSRD’s connections with the Latvian band Dzeltenie Pastnieki (The Yellow Postmen). Together with Roberts Gobziņš, the concert will also feature Hardijs Lediņš’s contemporaries Uģis Vītiņš, Didzis Erra and Uldis Vanags as well as special guests. The musical portion of the concert will include a video by artist Ineta Sipunova.

You can buy tickets at Biļešu Serviss ticket offices and also on the internet at:

Tickets are 8 EUR, and 10 EUR on the day of the event.

The concert is organized by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in the framework of the Year of Hardijs Lediņš, marking the 60th year anniversary of the birth of Latvian avant-garde music and art classic Hardijs Lediņš. The LCCA is collaborating with people from various creative fields along with contemporaries of Hardijs Lediņš, organizing numerous cultural events through the year that will turn attention on the multi-level creative legacy of this legendary artist for the broader public.

The Year of Hardijs Lediņš is led by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. The curators of the program are Solvita Krese and Diāna Popova.

The cultural program Year of Hardijs Lediņš is financed with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, AB LV Charitable Foundation, and the European Commission.

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