Survival in the North – Art Residency in Tärnamo

On Thursday, 12 December Latvian artists Iveta Laure, Zanda Puče, Oskars Briedis, Laura Prikule and Eva Vēvere will give a presentation on their week-long residency in Tärnamo, North Sweden. The presentation will take place at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art at 6 p.m.

In September 2013 a group of Latvian and Swedish artists took part in a workshop in the region of Tärnamo in the northern part of Sweden. The region is known as an area historically populated by the Sami. During their stay at the residency in Tärnamo artists focused on current issues concerning the development of the region and the impact a much-debated nickel mining project on the Ume River might have on local environment. The artworks produced during the workshop were later exhibited at Gallery Verkligheten in Umeå, Sweden.

Since both Riga and Umeå have been selected as the European Capitals of Culture in 2014, the culture institutions of these cities are working on various collaborative projects supported by the Riga 2014, Umeå 2014 and KKNord foundations. The artist residency in Tärnamo was a result of such collaboration between the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in Riga, the Verkligheten art gallery in Umeå and the city council of Sigulda, Latvia. The residency was the initial stage of a collaborative project aimed at producing the Survival Kit contemporary art festival in Umeå. This annual festival that takes place in Riga has been organised by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art since 2009.

The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art is an internationally active non-governmental culture organization that offers an independent perspective on current topics and recent historical events via the looking glass of art.

The photo by Tina Remiz

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