Second Season of the “LCCA Evening School”

The LCCA has opened the second season of the “LCCA Evening School”, its cycle of art-critical text reading workshops, guest lectures and seminars. The cycle is based on exploring the current contemporary art processes in order to foster the development of critical thinking and discussion in the Latvian art scene.

Diverse questions of contemporary art are discussed through the experience of reading the texts of notable theoreticians. The second season of the “LCCA Evening School” consists of ten reading workshops, art seminars and guest lectures by local and international professionals, and will continue until spring 2015.

Each reading workshop is dedicated to a specific set of themes and questions – activism and socio-political responsibility of art, positions of centre and periphery, the context of memory and archives, the global art circuit, curatorial practice and approaches, exhibition policy, art education. Each theme is developed through reading and discussing texts from art theory, philosophy, anthropology and other fields, including essays by such notable authors as Grant Kester, Italo Calvino, Rem Koolhaas, Frederic Jameson, Jens Hoffmann, Ute Meta Bauer.

Participation in the “LCCA Evening School” is free of charge and aimed at both young and established artists, critics, curators, culture managers, students of art and the humanities. Prior to each workshop, the participants are invited to individually get acquainted with the specified texts, with the live discussion being based on this reading experience. The cycle of texts and criticism is curated by art historian Ieva Astahovska.

The project is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.

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