Polish avant-garde films will be shown at LCCA Office gallery

The Arton Foundation’s (Fundacja Arton) exhibition ‘Cinematographer's Exercise’, which studies and interprets video works from the foundation’s archives, will be showing at theOfice gallery of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art from 11-15 April. As part of this exhibition, a special screening ‘Arton Review Europe’ featuring work by the 60s-80s Polish avant-garde and contemporary filmmakers will take place on Thursday 14 April at 6.30 pm with special guests from the foundation and artist Piotr Bosacki.

The exhibition will present video works that have been inspired by two Polish directed films – Romuald Kutera’s ‘Here’ (1975) and Paweł Kwiek’s ‘Line’ (1978). A selection of films will demonstrate how specific camera work can direct the gaze of a viewer to certain parts of reality, manipulating with attention and creating rules leading to the ‘correct’ interpretation.

This exhibition introduces the film screening ‘Arton Review Europe’. As part of this project new Polish directors worked with video footage in Arton’s archive from the 70s, using it to create new artistic films and video works. With their meticulous approach, works selected for this screening bring us closer to artists who experimented with the medium of film many decades ago. The Arton Review will show work by these artists: Wojciech Bąkowski, Piotr Bosacki, Wojciech Bruszewski, Henryk Gajewski, Łukasz Jastrubczak, Paweł Kwiek, Karol Radziszewski, Józef Robakowski un Łukasz Sosiński.

Piotr Bosacki will be one of the special guests at this event. His practice is multidisciplinary and actively spans several fields such as visual art, music, animation and literature, in addition to filmmaking, which he considers to be his preferred medium. His films can be described as poetic, minimalistic, witty and full of contradictions, which always highlight serious existential and philosophical questions.

The exhibition has been organised by the Arton Foundation, which concentrates on Polish art of the 70s, archival research and exhibitions. Arton’s archive currently holds numerous catalogued and digitised works of art, documents, negatives and films.

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