New exposition in the Office gallery: Anna Salmane “Klaina”

Till July 27th the Office gallery of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art is the host of Anna Salmane’s exhibition “Klaina”, which includes photo and video materials as well as an installation. All of the masterpieces have been created during the period of the last two years.

The artist’s inspiration comes from the recent change of residence, which has stimulated reflection about roaming not only in the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual space.

“The change of residence in the physical space, leaving your home, means treading a more or less determined and definite trajectory, whereas in the emotional space this event may turn out to be unpredictable roaming,” Anna Salmane comments on her exhibition.

Part of the artworks displayed in the exhibition “Klaina” may be considered as a reaction to the artist’s choice to move to London, conversely the rest of them have been created during the roaming around the world.

The exhibition will be open for display in the Office gallery in the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (Alberta Street 13; 7th floor) until July 27th. Entrance – free.

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