New exhibition in the Office gallery: “Piedrukas”

From August 8th to October 3rd the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) displays the curated masterpieces of the graphical designer Lasma Pujate in the exhibition “Piedrukas”.

The exhibition is part of a series of events organized in LCCA, urging to investigate the construction of memories and reality with the assistance of historical interpretation, personal stories and collective experience. “Piedrukas” explores the mysteries of lithography, which will be revealed not only in the art pieces but also in an exclusive creative workshop in September.

There are only several lithography workshops in Latvia. The director and master of the Latvian Artists’ union Graphics camera’s lithography workshop Imants Krepics, who has also helped with the development of “Piedrukas”, has introduced almost alchemic methods to the average practice of print. As part of the exhibition in September, these peculiar and mystical methods will be revealed in an open workshop-lecture in the Latvian Artists’ union Graphics camera’s lithography workshop.

Lasma Pujate, the curator of “Piedrukas”, comments: “Piedruka – it is the first test lithograph in any graphics technique. Through this lithograph one studies the quality of color, adhesion with paper and the relationship of color tones. “Piedrukas” is a collectively and peculiarly

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