LMC will open the exhibition "Inhabiting Spaces"

From October 31st the Office Gallery of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) will host the exhibition "Inhabiting Spaces" by artist Linda Konone, architect Toms Kokins and choreographer Muhamed Fuad (EG). "Inhabiting Spaces" will take the form of a video art installation and a text that will reflect the research process of the idea of how a certain place and its architecture affect the human behaviour.

It may seem that our movement in the space is motivated, selfdetermined, but – is it  really like this, ask the artists. What constitutes the reason why we move from A to B? The sense of the movement is rooted in the surroundings, place and context. To observe the extraordinary, funny or absurd in different daily situations, artists consciously transfer them into another environment, swapping different atmospheres, notions of private and public, urban and natural.

For example, an elevator where the closeness of people cannot be avoided re-enacted in an empty beach in the middle of winter raises firstly a surprise, then – provokes to rethink the effect space has on our actions. Why do people naturally squeeze in the public transport, but disperse in the forest? Is a crossing near the central station an appropriate place for a dance?

The project is a collaboration project between the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and "Rezodanse Egypte" (Alexandria, Egypt) in the framework of the programme "Tandem/Shaml".

The exhibition will be open until November 22nd in the LCCA Office Gallery on Alberta Street 13, Riga, Latvia.

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