LCCA Evening School and presentation by Heidi Ballet

In the framework of the LCCA Evening School we are delighted to announce a presentation by curator and researcher Heidi Ballet on zones of liminality through bodily and oceanic identities on November 24, 6 pm in the new building of Latvian Academy of Art. The presentation will be followed by a reading workshop.
The event language: English

This presentation zooms in on two strings of research that Heidi Ballet is occupied with that both deal with zones of liminality and pose challenges to traditional ideas of borders. One part of her research, for the exhibition Shady Boundaries at CAC Vilnius, draws an analogy between the 'body politic' of a social group and the bodies of its members, conducted by social rules to safeguard the group's moral integrity. Interesting metaphors exist between the micro and the macro body when there is a threat of intrusion. 

The second part of research is connected to the exhibition series Our Ocean, Your Horizon at Jeu de Paume Paris/CAPC Bordeaux and focuses on sea space as a non-place in terms of sovereignty, studied through the concept of 'oceanic identity', a term coined by Fiji scholar Epeli Hau'ofa who refutes colonial mapping of islands and revalues water space as a space of connectivity.

Heidi Ballet is an independent curator from Belgium based in Berlin and Brussels. Currently she is curating the 9th Satellite series at Jeu de Paume Paris and CAPC Bordeaux under the title Our Ocean, Your Horizon, with solo shows by Edgardo Aragón, Guan Xiao, Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin and Basim Magdy. She is also preparing a large essay exhibition that will open at CAC Vilnius in September 2016. She has been working as a research curator for the 2013 exhibition “After Year Zero”, produced by Haus der Kulturen der Welt, an exhibition that moved to the Museum for Modern Art Warsaw in 2015. Other exhibitions include the 2015 edition of Brussels Cologne Contemporaries and the group exhibition “Let the Body be Electric, Let There be Whistleblowers” (co-curated with Anselm Franke) at Dan Gunn in Berlin. Heidi Ballet was the assistant curator of the 2012 Taipei Biennial. 

Texts for the reading workshop:
• Emily Martin. Toward an Anthropology of Immunology: The Body as Nation State. 1990
• Philip Steinberg, Kimberley Peters. Wet ontologies, fluid spaces: giving depth to volume through oceanic thinking. 2015

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