Gundega Evelone "The Soft Darkness"

The experimental exhibition – space – installation ‘The Soft Darkness’ by Gundega Evelone will open on 20 November at 6.30pm at the LCCA Office gallery. The exhibition focuses on the individual’s inner sense of space and our ability to increase, decrease or otherwise manipulate it in an illusory, and yet real way. The exhibition will be open until December 18.

‘The Soft Darkness’ has been envisaged as a kinaesthetic art experience, bringing together all available senses while synthesising new feelings and influencing the audience with visual and aural, as well as tactile stimuli, such as the sense of touch, change of temperature and an illusory expansion of the dimensions of reality that persuade the viewer to switch from ‘I know’ to ‘I can actually feel this’.  Thus, whilst reacting to the available information and substituting any gaps with what has already been perceived, the viewer’s imagination begins to create a new exhibition space, which quite possibly is much larger or in the contrary – much smaller than the actual space. The knowledge of learned proportions disappears and becomes replaced with a new awareness of one’s personal dimensions in the surrounding environment.

In this exhibition Gundega continues her artistic exploration of the physical and mental relationship between the individual and its surrounding environment, something that has been a continuous theme in her work since the solo show ‘I’m in’ at the Gallery Ziema (Gallery Winter) (2013).

Gundega Evelone (1988) is a multidisciplinary artist. Although she holds an MA in Sculpture from the Art Academy of Latvia, her practice spans various mediums that are called upon as required in order to create an ever more encompassing staged version of reality that strives to wholly involve and influence the viewer. Currently the artist is moving in two distinctly opposed directions – she explores the human element in different social and historical situations while working with such fundamental concepts as ‘space’, ‘matter’ and ‘existence - nonexistence’, trying to find connections in her work between the real, tangible world and each individual’s subjective perception. Gundega Evelone has participated in more than 50 different art projects in Latvia and abroad both as an author, as well as curator.

The exhibition is financially supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and Riga City Council.

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