BORZIŅŠ by the artist collective Klīga

The exhibition BORZIŅŠ by the artist collective Klīga (Līva Rutmane, Klāvs Upaciers, Inga Ģibiete) will be on view at the Office gallery of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art from 17 April until 14 May. It will be Klīga’s second exhibition, which will be produced using artworks from the first exhibition cīeņa (2014) as the main source materials. To highlight the secondary importance of exhibition openings, the opening will be held on the last day of the exhibition on 14th May at 6.30pm.

The exhibition title BORZIŅŠ originates from joining together two words – burziņš (a colloquial word for a party in Latvian) and borzij (confrontational or antagonistic in Russian). The first exhibition cīeņa by Klīga took place in June 2014 at the Arsenāls Creative Workshop where the emerging artists explored the possibility of collective creative interaction by fusing mutual respect with fight (hence the exhibition title cīeņa, which is a fusion of two Latvian words cieņa – respect and cīņa – fight). Collaboratively created performative large-scale drawings were the outcome of the first exhibition and will be used as the source material for the second exhibition. Klīga proclaims the idea of art utilisation by creating new objects from recycled artworks and formulating this process-based exhibition format as an important part of the artwork. BORZIŅŠ will be constantly created for the duration of the exhibition as Klīga’s artists generate and change the display at unspecified moments.

“art needs less space.

artists are spongers.

everything must be utilised.

art should not be something that has no place.

klīga’s art will become softer, nicer, more amenable and compact.”


The experimental collective Klīga was formed by three emerging artists of the new generation: Līva Rutmane (1984) un Inga Ģibiete (1979), both studied at the Art Academy of Latvia and graduated with MA in Graphics, whereas Klāvs Upaciers (1979) studied visual communication. All three artists are currently exhibiting in contemporary art exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, having also organised several solo exhibitions. Klāvs Upaciers’ Viena zīmējuma izstāde (Exhibition of One Drawing) showed at the LCCA’s Office gallery (2012) and zhjkshhkjzh in his private apartment on Merķeļa Street (2011). Līva Rutmane had a solo exhibition κπ at the 4 2 7 Gallery (2014) and Gandrīz kā saulriets (Almost Like a Sunset) at the Komutators Gallery in Andrejsala (2007). Inga Ģibiete works in graphic design and creates visual identity for art events and publications.

The exhibition is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.

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