‘The Dual’ exhibition by Paula Pelše

The exhibition of graphic art ‘The Dual’ by Paula Pelše will open at 6.30pm on 21 October at the Office gallery. In these series, the artist has turned to the concept of duality by merging the images of human body with those of nature, and converging the methods of graphics and photography with untraditional materials. These works explore the forms of life in relation to specific space, incorporating thinking as a peculiar form of life, which has been granted physical properties. The exhibition will be open until 13 November.

‘The Dual’ features a series of photographic representations of various fragments of bodily hair and skin structure. Paula Pelše depicts bodily hair as a plant that has preserved a connection with man. She develops her work using photography and photomontage as a starting point and then adds drawing. In striving to achieve the effect of spatiality, artlessness and vitality, her photographic images become fragments of the world and miniature versions of reality.

Paula Pelše about her series: ‘This work is underpinned by the idea of how humans and nature merge into one and interact. How two systems interflow and influence one another. One part of the system becomes part of the other system. It is an illusion about a place, an environment or a landscape that is real and exists, and where this merging is possible. Man as the nature, the nature as man.’

Paula Pelše (1988) studies graphic art at the Art Academy of Latvia. She has participated in several national and international group exhibitions. ‘The Dual’ exhibition is free and open Monday to Friday from 12noon – 6pm at the Office gallery of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, 13 Alberta Street (7th floor).

The exhibition is financially supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and Riga City Council.

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