“In Between White And Black” – Sabine Moore’s exhibition opens at the LCCA Office Gallery

The solo exhibition “In Between White and Black” by the multi disciplinary artist Sabine Moore can be viewed at the LCCA Office gallery from 7 August until 4 September. Her installation combines ambient sound and objects, matching nine colour tones with nine solfège notes and bestowing sound with a sense of vastness and space with a sense of density. Inspired by research on the effects of colour and sound on human psychology, Sabine Moore has created a time and space based installation that affects the senses and emotional states of its audience. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 6 August at 6.30 pm.

Sabine Moore: ‘The exhibition “In Between White and Black” has been inspired by science, however it is an abstracted, autonomous work of art rather than art therapy. As the visitors move around the gallery and change their location, so do the various sound frequencies. We are constantly surrounded by colours in our everyday life and have grown accustomed to their effects on us. And yet, regardless of this lack of awareness, we are still influenced by the strong energy possessed by different colours. Observations and studies have established that, for example, neutral and passive wall colours in prisons reduce aggression, whilst the green colour of hospital walls aids healing. The walls in many offices are brightly coloured to stimulate creative thinking, inspire and incite general vigorousness. The psychological researcher David Hawkins has analysed different ‘states of consciousness’ described in the Mayan Calendar by assigning colour and tone to each one – this branch of science is known as kinesiology. For this exhibition I have linked these states with the solfège notes that are also used in meditation. However I would like for this exhibition to remain politically and religiously neutral. This installation needs to be perceived individually. Sound invites silence; it is impossible to immerse oneself in this work whilst talking to others. The artwork is a changeable variation that adjusts itself to space and time according to which sound has been set. Although I have harmonised the sounds, the actual installation composition will be determined by the moment when each amplifier is turned on one by one as the exhibition opens for viewing every morning. Therefore this space should really be perceived as a momentary totality within the cycle of installations.’

The exhibition will open with a performance by Sabine Moore – a ritual consecrating each colour.

Sabine Moore (b. 1990) is a multi disciplinary artist working across several fields ranging from music (known as “Waterflower”) to painting, illustration and comic art. She also uses film, animation and installation in her work. She is currently studying Visual Communication at the Art Academy of Latvia.

The exhibition “In Between White And Black” at the Office gallery of the LCCA on Alberta Street 13 t (7th floor) will be open to public from 12noon until 6pm every working day from 7 August until 4 September.

The exhibition is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.

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