"A Very Precise Map of an Unknown Universe” by Ieva Jakušonoka and Guida Miranda

The exhibition “A Very Precise Map of an Unknown Universe” by artists Ieva Jakušonoka and Guida Miranda will open this Thursday 17 September at 6.30pm at the Office gallery of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. Both artists are currently studying at The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich and this exhibition is their first collaboration – a spatial installation of a symbolic map of the universe. The exhibition will be open until 9 October.

The artists describe the idea behind their work “A map is brought closer and personalised to an individualised level, indicating the natural desire of all humans to explore and understand their surrounding territory in order to feel safe even within a space that cannot be precisely defined – an unknown universe. The unknown, which is located somewhere behind the borders of the known, is part of the universe that is too far away to be defined because light reflected from the Big Bang still hasn’t reached the earth. And according to Hubble’s law – as a result of the expanding universe distant objects keep moving further and further way from us surpassing the speed of light, which also continues to increase.  Thus, assuming this expansion will carry on infinitely, a certain number of galaxies will never enter our field of vision.

We are endeavouring to explain the unknown via the means of personal mythology – using self-made symbols and narratives. In the absence of precise scientific definitions, a natural reaction of all human beings is to turn to and seek explanation in centuries-old collective knowledge (collective memory) using the most universal language there is – symbols.  As a result a spatial installation is born, which functions as a three dimensional map”.

Ieva Jakušonoka (1988) and Guida Miranda (1992) currently reside and work in Munich, Germany. Ieva studied ceramics at the Art Academy of Latvia and is continuing her studies in the department of sculpture at The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Guida studies painting at The Academy of Fine Art, Munich and prior to that was enrolled at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Since 2013 both artists exhibit as part of group shows in Munich, as well as international projects. Ieva works predominantly with three-dimensional objects using mixed media, as well as lithography, whereas Guida specialises in painting, performance and sound. This is their first collaborative project.

The free exhibition “A Very Precise Map of an Unknown Universe” at the LCCA’s Office gallery on Alberta Street 13 (7th floor) will be open from 18 September until 9 October, Monday to Friday 12 noon until 6pm.

The exhibition is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation.

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