About LCCA

The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) is the largest institution of contemporary art in Latvia that curates and produces contemporary art events of national and international scale. As of 1993, it has researched and curated contemporary art processes both in Latvia and abroad to provoke critical reflection on issues topical for contemporary society. We are widely recognized for the largest annual contemporary art event in the Baltics Survival Kit, regular exhibitions at the Latvian National Art Museum, as well as Latvian participation at the Venice Biennale, São Paulo Art Biennial, Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Rauma Biennale of Contemporary Art, etc. 

You can find us in the Art Noveau epicenter of Riga – on Alberta Street 13, on the 7th floor.

Range of activities

  • Information centre

    The LCCA Information Centre provides access to valuable information on contemporary art to professional target groups and wider public.

    The data base of visual art

    LCCA collects, complements and updates a unique collection of visual art and contextual   documents dating from the 1960s. The data base consists of 30 000 informative units (images, publications, videos, etc.) about Latvian contemporary art. It comprises more than 100 detailed files about the most significant Latvian artists and processes within the local art scene, as well as 450 less detailed files about the personalities, associations, events and issues. An archive of Latvian video artists is also part of this collection.

    The repository of professional literature and art press

    The library of the repository comprises catalogues, art and art theory publications, as well as other publications about the current issues in the Latvian and European art scene.  There is a wide spectrum of art and culture magazines available for reading.

    Art news

    LCCA publishes and disseminates art news informing about the activities, projects, exhibitions, opportunities, grants, competitions, residences, etc. The art news is produced by LCCA and other Latvian and foreign art and cultural institutions.

  • Educational program

    The aim of the Education Program is to promote the development of critical thinking and encourage society to get involved in art and contemporary culture processes.

    Within the framework of the program LCCA organizes lectures, artist portfolio presentations, discussions, thematic workshops, conferences and other discursive events.

    The Education Programme is closely related to other professional areas  of LCCA – research about phenomena and development of art, art history, artists, issues and publishing of catalogues, theoretical writings and compilations of research results.

    The series of translations of the most important works of art and culture theory also provide new opportunities to society and, thus, contributes to the growth of collective intelligence.

  • Projects

    LCCA initiates and leads local and international art projects and invites artists to actualize their creative ideas. The range of the projects implemented varies from ambitious and voluminous international exhibitions to the exhibitions created as a result of the carried out research projects and by less known or undeservedly forgotten authors.

    LCCA also implements projects related to updating of the visual art data base and contextual documents, ensuring their preservation and public accessibility, including also publishing, creative enterprising and education programmes within the framework of different projects.


    Exhibition by Andrus Lauringson (EE) "Reply/ Replay" 15.03.-12.04.2013.

    Exhibition by FEMLINK "Aggression. Fragility. Male. Preoccupation. Protest. Resistance. Vital. Wonder" 04.-08.03.2013.

    Exhibition by Inga Erdmane "I agree I have Blundered" 25.01.-01.03.2013.

    Exhibition by Alnis Stakle "Simple story" 06.12.2012.-11.01.2013.

    Exhibition by Klāvs Upacieris "One Picture Exhibition" 24.10.-23.11.2012.

    Exhibition curated by Lāsma Pujāte "Piedrukas" 08.08.-03.10.2012.

    Exhibition by Anna Salmane "Klaiņa" 03.-27.07.2012


    The programBrigade” is an initiative created by the LCCA and its aims are to inspire and financially support creative, sustainable entrepreneurship, based in art and culture, which deals with social issues and contributes in raising the quality of life of local communities.

    Project competition programme “Brigade” provides support to creative ‘squads’, which by the help of art and culture are able to improve urban environment in Riga and its surroundings, develop local communities, solve social problems and create financially sustainable solutions, thus facilitating the economic growth.

    The first competition, a part of the program, was organised in 2010/2011, when the “seed-money” for a business start-up was given to 12 “brigades”, from which 8 are still active and developing. The second compoetition was organised in 2012/2013, when grants were given to 14 projects in Riga, moreover, similar competitions of a smaller scale in collaboration with regional partners, city councils were organised in Rezekne, Cesis, Carnikava, Kuldiga as well.

    To get acquainted with the supported initiatives, current events of the programme, organisers and supporters visit www.brigade.lv


    SURVIVAL KIT is an annual international contemporary art festival in Riga, Latvia, born in 2009 as a reaction to the changes brought about by the global economic crisis, encouraging people to find alternative lifestyles and solutions to their problems. Participants of SURVIVAL KIT are not just artists but also architects, scientists, new entrepreneurs, teachers and other enthusiastic experts, developing and implementing creative strategies to survive the times of crisis. The festival is organized by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA). More about SURVIVAL KIT: www.survivalkit.lv

    Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA)

    In 2011 the European Commission and the Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA) consortium, comprising 25 partners from 10 EU Member States and 2 associated countries, Croatia and Iceland, launched the project Digitising Contemporary Art initiating a significant increase in the presence of contemporary art in Europeana, the single access point to Europe’s cultural heritage.

    digitising contemporary art

    Over 30 months 21 museums and art institutions are digitizing approximately 27,000 contemporary artworks and 2,000 contextual documents, making them available through the Europeana portal. With the co-funding of the European Commission under the CIP-ICT PSP programme and the commitment of the 25 partners, the DCA project aims to create high-quality digital reproductions and assure the long-term preservation of and online access to such reproductions and their data. By July 2013 the metadata on the digitized objects will be mapped, enriched, contextualized, and aggregated for ingestion into Europeana.

    DCA is coordinated by PACKED vzw, a Brussels-based organization that, since its foundation in 2005, has grown from a platform organization for the archiving and preservation of audiovisual arts into a centre of expertise for digital cultural heritage. The organization is financially supported by the Ministry of The Flemish Community of Belgium. More info: www.packed.be

    Various Forms of Archives. Archive of Contemporary Art. Research, Exhibition and Symposium.

    "Various Forms of Archives. Archive of Contemporary Art. Research, Exhibition and Symposium" is a collaboration project between the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and the  Living Art Museum (NYLO) in Reykjavik, Iceland.

    The project consists of three main strands:

    1) Touring exhibition ‘Lost in the Archive’, which takes place in several Latvian regional culture centres (2015-2016)

    2) International contemporary art exhibition ‘Lost in the Archive’ at the Riga Art Space (4.02-27.03.2016)

    3) International symposium in Riga on 26.02.2016 at the Riga Art Space.


    Current results

    13.10.2015. Workshop for teachers (Daugavpils M. Rothko Art Centre)
    14.10.2015. Press conference on the project louncg (Daugavpils M. Rothko Art Centre)
    No 14.10. - 15.11.2015. The traveling exhibition "Lost in the Archive" and educational program (Daugavpils M. Rothko Art Centre)
    23.11.2015. Workshop for teachers (Alūksne museum).
    No 24.11. 2015. - 10.01.2016. The traveling exhibition "Lost in the Archive" and educational program (Alūksne museum).
    Research and preparation works for the international contemporary art exhibition "Lost in the Archive" at Riga Art Space is being carried out.

    Project objective

    1.To promote cultural exchange and develop collaboration between project partners through knowledge and exchange of experience;
    2.To enhance international recognition of LCCA and NYLO archives and art collections, promote mobility of art experts;
    3.To create interactive exhibition exposition, attracting growing interest of general public.
    4.To develop educational program aimed at various groups of society;
    5. To inform society and encourage discussion on relevant art and culture processes, promote less known phenomena of cultural heritage.

    Expected project results

    1. Five archive  related exhibitions organized (travelling exhibition  in 4 venues and  a larger exhibition in 1 venue)  with the participation of Latvian and Islandic project partner.
    2. An international symposium dedicated to archiving practices, organized with the participation of Latvian and Islandic project partner.
    3. An  event for the educational programme in the framework of exhibition  to be  developed by Latvian and Islandic project partner.

    Project ‘Various Forms of Archives. Archive of Contemporary Art. Research, Exhibition and Symposium’, Nr. EEZ04/GSK/2013/06 is realised using a grant of 62,117.09 EUR from Island, Lichtenstein and Norway via the EEA Financial Mechanism. The total project costs are 69,042 EUR, of which state funding constitutes 9317.56 EUR with additional 6924.91 EUR supplied by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

    Additional information

    Andra Silapētere

    This is Tomorrow. Back to Basics: Forms and Actions in the Future

    LCCA is a partner in a collaborative project This is Tomorrow. Back to Basics: Forms and Actions in the Future, organized by What, How and for Whom, Zagreb, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm and LCCA, Riga. 

Information centre is open every workday from 12:00 to 18:00.

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